Full River Walk

The River Chelt begins at a spring on the edge of the Cotswolds, above Dowdeswell and flows into the River Severn 14 miles later.

There are footpaths that run alongside or near the river for most of its length. In the town there are several sections where the river runs underground or through private gardens and so the route is as close an approximation of the channel of the river, avoiding excessive diversions just to get near it.

This is the route I walked in December 2020 overlaid on OS Maps. Here are the route descriptions with photographs.

The GPX file can be downloaded here

Things to note:

There was quite a lot of flooding near The Severn (see images below) when I walked in December 2020 and so I had to make quite a few diversions until Prior’s Norton. By April 2021 it was fine to walk the whole way

Where there are obstructions to the footpaths at Norton Court Farm, Millhouse Farm and Slate Mill Farm I’ve made suggestions for alternatives in the route description. I’ll keep updating this and have reported or made enquiries about them.

The footpath that runs alongside the river which can be seen between the nursery and Uckington on the OS map apparently fell into the river during one of the floods which is why my route cuts out a short bit of riverside walking.

I also created an audio history trail for the section of the river that runs through the town. You can find more information here.

Route descriptions with images here.

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