River Chelt Trail 7. Royal Well Lane

A trail along the River Chelt as it flows through the town. On 11 crossing places on the river you can find markers to unlock an audio snippet of the lesser known history of that area.

You’ve found number 7 of 11 on the audio trail
you’re smashing this already

If you’re on social media I’d love it if you could use #riverchelttrail to share photos and comments and also to let me know if any markers are missing. 

A Cheltenham resident-powered project. With thanks to those who lent their voices to the recordings and to St Peter’s and The Moors Big Local for their support.

Click here for links to more local history sources

Click here for a map of the trail

If you’re not able to walk the route or can’t find one of the markers then the full list of recordings can be found here

If you’re a keen walker then click here for a full 14 mile River Chelt walk route from the source above Dowdeswell to The River Severn.

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